My mother came from Kerala, a beautiful coastal state in south-west India, famous not just for its beaches, spices and ayurveda, but also for its extremely high literacy rates (about 94 per cent in 2017). Encouraged to love words from a very early age, we are still all a family of readers. Words – imagined, written, spoken, sung – opened up new worlds to me, in particular – they fed me, nurtured me and have kept me safe at various challenging moments in life – so literacy is understandably an issue close to my heart. You can donate to The Literacy Site for free by simply pressing the Click-and-Donate button at the bottom of our home page (the Shed icon in the menu bar). You’ll be supporting global literacy as with each click, a child receives a free book. Each of the GreaterGood sites (The Hunger Site, The Breast Cancer Site, The Alzheimer’s Site, etc.) works to help those suffering or in need. They are good sites to support.

In addition, from our own site, a percentage of the profits from the sale of the library of scents fragrances will go to charity – a women’s or literacy-related charity that changes each year.