It Happens in the Dark by Carol O’Connell – Large format PB

Nan Cooper thrust out both hands in the prisoner’s posture. ‘Go ahead. Put the cuffs on. I’d kill for that kind of publicity. Most people think I’ve been dead for the past ten years. Arrest me. I’m begging you.’

The lady was disappointed.”


Kathy Mallory is one of the best inventions in American crime fiction in recent times, in our humble opinion. She is the ultimate anti-heroine, disfunctional, amoral, coldly brilliant and yet surrounded by a group of devoted men who would lay down their lives for her. Mallory’s disturbed past informs her present, a fact that the group of old men who her late ‘father’ instructed to be her unofficial moral compass, know.

This latest Mallory title finds the police involved in the theatre district, where a play, a gruesome murder that happened years ago and real life all collide. As usual, Carol O’Connell weaves a complicated plot, in which no one apart from Mallory’s team and friends are what they seem. Mallory is never what she seems. Read it and be alternatively confused, enthralled and chilled.

Highly recommended.


NYPD Detective Kathy Mallory Series: Mallory’s Oracle; The Man Who Lied to Women; Killing Critics; Flight of the Stone Angel; Shell Game; Crime School; The Jury Must Die; Winter House; Shark Music; The Chalk Girl; It Happens In The Dark

FORMAT: Large paperback (Airport edition)

EDITION: Headline


CONDITION: Very good; minor creases on spine

CLASSIFICATION: Crime fiction/20th-century crime fiction; American contemporary fiction


Price: £3.50

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