Overture to Death by Ngaio Marsh

Admirably mysterious.” – Daily Mail



A lovely edition of a classic by one of the Big Four Queens of Mystery (along with Christie, Sayers and Allingham).

At a charity-raising play to buy a new piano for the parish hall, a chord is struck and a shot rings out. Poor Miss Campanula, the pianist, is dead, shot between the eyes. Why? Only Roderick ‘Handsome’ Alleyn can find out.

Quintessentially English classic crime (although written by a New Zealand-born author), Ngaio Marsh’s Overture to Death is just so good…


SERIES: featuring Roderick Allen (and often his wife, the acclaimed painter Troy Allen)

Also of interest: Tied Up in Tinsel


FORMAT: Paperback

EDITION: HarperCollins


CONDITION: Good; creases on spine from use

CLASSIFICATION: Crime fiction/20th-century crime fiction



Price: £2.50

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