The Night Listener by Armistead Maupin


I’m a fabulist by trade, so be forewarned: I’ve spent years looting my life for fiction. Like a magpie, I keep the shiny stuff and discard the rest…’

This utterly fabulous book is Armistead Maupin at his very best – and I never thought I’d say that after the ‘Tales of the City’ series, which I love.

Beautifully written, and reminiscent of early John Irving, the book has as its protagonist Gabriel Noone, a writer, with a large fan base as a result of the stories broadcast late at night to millions of listeners. Enter, 13-year-old Pete Lomax, a victim of horrific abuse, whose diaries come to Gabriel’s attention.

As Pete and Gabriel become friends, Gabriel is forced to question what is truth and what is fiction.

A gorgeous book. Highly recommended.


FORMAT: Paperback

EDITION: Black Swan


CONDITION: Excellent/extremely good

CLASSIFICATION: Fiction/Contemporary/Gay&Lesbian writing



Price: £3.50

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