Become a private investigator. One day taster course for anyone considering a career change but who doesn’t know what being a private investigator might entail. Why not find out if you have what it takes.”


As Death by Indulgence opens, AB Morgan’s protagonist, Ella, is struggling, juggling jobs that seem to be going nowhere. On the day she jacks in her job at a bingo club, opportunity, it seems, comes knocking in the form of old friend Val Royale. Suddenly she’s Ella Fitzwilliam, PI, masquerading as restaurant front of house at Buxham’s, a private members club, catering to people with particular proclavities (no spoilers!). When barrister Harry Drysdale, one of the men Ella’s meant to be watching, disappears – thumb apart – the plot, shall we say, thickens.

Beautifully observed, Ella is funny, poignant and flawed. Stumbling through the investigation, and struggling with mental health challenges, she is determined to uncover the truth, no matter where it leads and at what personal cost.

Morgan draws on her own experiences of working in mental health services to create an authentic, charismatic heroine for whom we root. Great job. Recommended.

The first in the Second Chances Investigations series, this book was previously published as Fat Chance.



Death by Indulgence | AB Morgan | 2019 | paperback original | £8.99 

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