As a former scriptwriter, Candy Denman is well versed in setting a scene quickly, as seen in popular dramas like The Bill and Heartbeat. Her books are no different, well drawn, tightly plotted and fast-paced. In #YouToo, the third outing for protagonist Dr Jocasta Hughes, we are immersed in her world from the very first pages when, in her role as forensic medical practitioner to Hastings police force, she’s called out to examine a victim of apparent sexual asphyxiation. And she’s not at all happy about it.

There was little room for dignity particularly if it was during an unnatural or unusual sexual act. … The last actions of this poor man were going to headline for weeks to come. … His surviving relatives, friends and colleagues were going to have a very difficult time ahead.’

The victim is a criminal defence lawyer and it’s not an isolated incident, the bodies soon piling up, all found in similarly sexually compromising circumstances. It’s up to the good doctor to try to connect the dots between them.

Set in the real-life English coastal towns of Hastings and St Leonards, the Jocasta Hughes books are extremely visual, Denman a mistress of detail, mixing real and fictional locations with ease.

The subject matter of the book couldn’t be more timely, the title referencing the #MeToo movement, supporting survivors of sexual violence. Denman says her novel ‘highlights how much more needs to be done to prevent sexual misconduct and harassment by those in positions of power’, adding, ‘we all need #MeToo to make a difference’.

And, really, ain’t that the truth.

In this mad, mad Donald Trump–Boris Johnson world we live in, it is all the more important for writers, broadcasters, filmmakers to shine a spotlight on the ugliness of sexual misconduct. Only then will behaviours that are distressingly far too common and distressingly far too permissible in our current society be properly challenged.

Highly recommended.




#YouToo | Candy Denman | Crime Scene Books | May 2019 | paperback | £8.99

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