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The ability to make people laugh is a great thing – and writers who can do so seemingly effortlessly are worth their weight in gold. Gina Kirkham is one such author, and Constable 1261 Mavis Upton a wonderful protagonist.

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, Mavis’s second outing, hits the ground running. The year is 1999 and Mavis is in court, dealing with the worst of situations:

‘I, Mavis Jane Upton … ace police driver, apprehender of naughty people, lover of crisps (any flavour) and hater of big knickers, had undertaken, albeit unwittingly, the job of arresting my own itinerant, belligerent and delinquent father. A father I hadn’t set eyes on since 1962 when I was four years old.’

And how does anything top that? Well, welcome to planet Mavis.

With a host of hapless characters to deal with, a fiancé, a mutinous teenager, a diva drag queen and a speedy serial flasher on a bike, Mavis’s cup certainly runneth over. And that’s not to mention that she’s coping with the grief of losing her mum. It’s enough to drive anyone to drink. But there’s always Bette Midler …

Kirkham’s Mavis is a funny, courageous heroine, endowed with a great spirit, an irreverent and bottomless humour and an indomitable will to survive whatever life throws at her. And there’s a lot.

The author, like her character, was a career policewoman. Following her retirement, she had an ‘epiphany’ to put ‘pen to paper’ and write a book.

Mavis is me!’ Kirkham says. ‘… I tried very hard in the beginning to create her differently, but it didn’t work … my own voice kept shouting louder than any voice I could dream up for Mavis.’

And what a voice.


Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot by Gina Kirkham is published by Urbane Publications

| 19 July 2018 | paperback | £8.99 | other editions available |

For more information about Gina and Mavis, see ‘Meet Gina Kirkham: The Literary Lounge Q&A


Gina Kirkham on Mavis’s soundtrack: ‘Bette Midler, so either “The Rose” or “Wind Beneath my Wings” (I’m sure Mavis would approve). Opening soundtrack for the film [starring Sheridan Smith in the “Field of Dreams”‘ version] would have to be “With A Little Help From My Friends” by Wet, Wet, Wet as that always makes me think of the special camaraderie we have in the Police … and it’s very 1980s.’

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