Gordon Kerr’s new novel, The Partisan Heart, utilises the dual timeline and Second World War setting, both so popular at the moment.

Moving between the war-torn northern Italy of 1944 and London and Italy of the late 1990s, the book is part thriller, part historical drama.

The ‘now’ and ‘then’ intersect in the real-life setting of Valtellina, where protagonist Michael, in the modern day, travels, determined to find the identity of the person with whom his wife was having an affair before her death; she was killed in a hit-and-run in Italy. More than five decades before, in the same mountainous terrain, the Resistance is fighting the good fight against the Nazis and 18-year-old Sandro is engaged in a fated affair with the wife of his commander. The past and present collide – in his journey to uncover the truth about his wife, Michael touches upon matters perhaps better left forgotten relating to Valtellina’s somewhat turbulent past.

A clever, well-paced story set in a beautifully realised locale, The Partisan Heart is a sound fictional debut. The perfect holiday read.

The Partisan Heart | Gordon Kerr | Muswell Press | paperback | £12.99 | June 2019

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