We have to admit one of the reasons we wanted to review Philip Bowne’s debut Cows Can’t Jump is the fact he’s a writer for the Wombles. Childhood nostalgia goes a long way. We’re delighted then that Bowne’s novel doesn’t disappoint. It’s sharply observed, well-paced, funny and yet has a poignancy that’s at times surprising. One can easily imagine the book as a movie. It’s incredibly visual, Bowne deftly sketching his characters and landscape with the ease of a seasoned pro.

Set against the backdrop of referendum and pre-Brexit Britain, the story follows Billy, Bowne’s very appealing protagonist. Eighteen years old and desperate to begin life, Billy’s stuck working as a gravedigger, a job his mum got him, and dealing with a dysfunctional family. (Who isn’t?) Then he meets Swiss Eva, the girl of his dreams. But what will he do to get that chance at love? How far will he go? And so begins the adventure of a lifetime.

Cows Can’t Jump is very enjoyable. It’s a lovely bit of escapism, a romp across Europe, where Billy encounters all manner of peoples and things, against a landscape of political and economic shifting sands. It’s well done but it’s Bowne’s humour and lightness of touch that turns this book into the unexpected, a gem. Recommended.


 Cows Can’t Jump | Philip Bowne | Neem Tree Press | September 2020 | pb |

also available in audio and as an ebook

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Acknowledgements: This review is published as part of the publisher book tour. Please read the other lovely reviews. Many thanks to lovely Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for arranging it and to the publisher for sending us a review copy. All opinions are our own.

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