According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), migraines are rated the nineteenth most common reason for disability globally. Sufferers reportedly visit A&E/doctors twice as much as patients who don’t have the disorder, and use twice the number of prescription drugs. But can the symptoms of this debilitating disorder (and Meniere’s Disease) be managed through attention to our health and diet? Wellness coach Stephanie Weaver’s The Migraine Relief Plan provides an easy-to-follow, eight-week regime to help sufferers.

Weaver draws on modern research and her own experiences to guide us gently into a healthier, more aware lifestyle, incorporating exercise and relaxation techniques, an improved diet (including recognition of food/ingredient triggers) and a good sleep regime. There are more than 75 recipes to help educate readers in alleviating symptoms through food awareness.

An important book, this could be a life-changing bible for many migraine sufferers.






The Migraine Relief Plan | Stephanie Weaver | 2017 | digital | paperback |

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