A word of several meanings (love those kind of words):

a. a male goose (‘what’s good for the goose…’) – no

b. a ‘ninny’ – also love this word as it’s affectionate condescension at its best, but … no

c. town in Newfoundland, Canada – spent six months in NL and … NO!

In The Literary Shed’s context, ‘gander’ is slang for a ‘glance’ or ‘quick intense look from a goose-like stretched neck’. I use ‘gander’ a lot in this form.



Example usage:


‘Take a gander at her shoes.’

or, if you’re Garrison Keillor: ‘Everyone turns and takes a gander at the yokels’.


An aside – but another example of male goose usage from 1916.


Old Mother Goose

When she wanted to wander

Would ride through the air

On a very fine gander.’