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    Lynda La Plante is one of those names that people know. A former actress turned-screenwriter and novelist, La Plante is behind some of the most successful TV series globally, including Widows and Prime Suspect, which made her name internationally. Buried, the author’s latest venture, published tomorrow in the UK, is a nod to … Continue readings

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    A smart, well-plotted novel, Never Look Back, AL Gaylin’s fast-paced thriller, holds our attention from beginning to end. At its heart are the Inland Empire Killers, Gabriel Allen LeRoy and Alice Cooper, who go on a killing spree in the summer of 1976. In the present day, Quentin, the host of a rather … Continue readings

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  There’s a lovely moment In the Absence of Miracles, when Michael J. Malone’s protagonist is catching up with a childhood friend whom he hasn’t seen in an age, and the residual awkwardness that one quite often feels in such circumstances just falls away. ‘There we sat, with legs kicking the side. The years fell … Continue readings

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