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Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it,’ so wrote Nabokov – and with those memories often come peace, comfort and joy. Using 100 percent pure essential oils and other carefully selected natural ingredients, our Library of Scents room fragrances capture the essence of classic books. They are mixed by hand in small batches and are completely vegan.


Tea with Alice references Alice in Wonderland and Alice’s interaction with the March Hare when she desperately wants a cup of tea. It draws on the flavours of Earl Grey.

The Sweetest Hour evokes the floral and woody scents of Jane Eyre’s evening walks at Thornfield Hall.

The Holding of Memories celebrates the spicy fragrances of Gods own country Kerala, as seen in The God of Small Things. It’s also dedicated to my late mama and the land she loved so well.

A Room of One’s Own draws on Virginia Woolf’s imagined writing landscape. She’s one of the inspirations for The Literary Shed.


Tea with Alice

Alice in Wonderland’s encounter with the March Hare

Bergamot, lime, cypress


The Sweetest Hour

Jane Eyre’s walks at Thornfield

Rose geranium, jasmine, cedarwood


The Holding of Memories

Kerala in The God of Small Things

Vetiver, lemongrass, black pepper


– And, in celebration of women everywhere, we introduce:


A Room of One’s Own

Virginia Woolf’s imagined landscape

Rose, lavender, oakmoss


| mixed by hand | small batches | 100ml | 100 per cent pure essential oils | £18.00 |

made in england


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* Supplied in an amber glass bottle with an aromatherapy cap with plug insert and a separate spray atomiser