Two pleasures – a John Peel Session from 2003 by the late and great John Peel, broadcaster extraordinaire, and the influential indie band Broadcast, who we were lucky enough to see live on several occasions.

Sadly, Mr Peel and Trish Keenan, lead singer of Broadcast, both died far too early, Mr Peel, in October 2004, of a heart attack, while holidaying in Peru, and Trish, in 2011, very sadly of pneumonia, after being hospitalised for the H1N1-related flu.


Favourite Broadcast album:

The Noise Made By People (Warp Records; 2000)


Favourite John Peel quote:
There’s always the possibility that you’re going to come across a record that transforms your life. And it happens weekly. It’s like a leaf on the stream. There are little currents and eddies and sticks lying in the water that nudge you in a slightly different direction. And then you break loose and carry on down the current. There’s nothing that actually stops you and lifts you out of the water and puts you on the bank but there are diversions and distractions and alarums and excursions which is what makes life interesting really. It’s fantastic.’