I absolutely love American crime writer Carol O’Connell. Since I first read Mallory’s Oracle (1994), which introduced the extremely odd and emotionally challenged Kathy Mallory, these books have literally grabbed me by the throat and I pace around until the next book is published. O’Connell’s standalone titles are also chillingly brilliant in their execution. Her plots and writing style are quite unwieldy, but their sheer cleverness means that they work. I can’t recommend her enough.

O’Connell was born in New York and studied painting before she began writing.


NYPD Detective Kathy Mallory Series: Mallory’s Oracle; The Man Who Cast Two Shadows (The Man Who Lied to Women); Killing Critics; Stone Angel (Flight of the Stone Angel); Shell Game; Crime School; Dead Famous (The Jury Must Die); Winter House; Find Me (Shark Music); The Chalk Girl; It Happens In The Dark


The Judas Child; Bone by Bone (both utterly chilling!)

REVIEW:Mallory, an old-style hero … It Happens in the Dark by Carol O’Connell’