In the early pages of James Flint’s Midland, Alex Wold receives news of two deaths, that of the bottlenose whale, whom he’d waded into the Thames, earlier that day, to help save, and then, moments later, that of Tony Nolan, his former step-father. As James and his estranged brother come together with other members of the Wold–Nolan clans at Tony’s funeral in Warwickshire, they are forced to confront unresolved issues from the past and to question just what is family: what unites and what divides.

Midland is a beautifully constructed book, each word carefully chosen, each sentence carefully laid down, each image carefully presented, with the result that we see exactly what the author wants us to, and nothing more. It’s a masterpiece of control, which, while extremely effective, leaves little to the reader’s imagination. In this, the writing reminds me of Donna Tartt, a wonderful storyteller and yet an author from whom I sometimes want less, less detail, less context, precisely so that my imagination can fly. But that’s a minor point. Flint is a skilful writer and Midland a finely written tome.


Midland | James Flint | Unbound | paperback | £8.99 | January 2019 |

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