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Longlisted for the Women’s Prize 2019, Yvonne Battle-Felton’s novel Remembered is a book of many stories. In 1910 Philadelphia, central character Spring sits by the hospital bed of her dying son. Edmund is accused of driving a streetcar into a ‘no coloreds’ department store. As Spring watches him, the ghost of her dead sister, Tempe, nearby, she finally finds the voice to weave him the stories of their collective past. ‘Most of what I’m about to tell you ain’t in no history book, no newspaper article, no encyclopedia. There’s a whole heap of stories don’t ever get told.’ And these stories are brutal, shocking, horrific, revealing not just the horrors of slavery, where women do what they must to survive, but a love so deep and powerful in which death is the ultimate freedom.

What emerges is a vivid, poignant and beautifully realised tale of slavery, Battle-Felton evoking the indomitable spirit of women faced daily with impossible choices, in an important, conflicted period of American history, the impact of which still resonates today.


Yvonne Battle-Felton | Remembered | Dialogue Books | £14.99 | March 2019

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