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As well as one of our favourite books ever, Harper Lee’s magnificent To Kill a Mockingbird was made into a film in 1962.

Starring Gregory Peck as protagonist Atticus Finch, the film was critically acclaimed on its release and was a box office success. It ranks no 25 in the American Film Institute’s 100 years … 100 films list and Atticus is the AFI’s no 1 hero in its 100 years … heroes & villains list. Atticus also sits high on The Literary Shed’s list of heroes.

If you haven’t seen this film, please, please do. It’s a very understated, beautifully paced movie, with stellar performances by Peck (of course) and also Mary Badham (Scout Finch), Philip Alford (Jem Finch),  Brock Peters (Tom Robinson), Estelle Evans (Calpurnia) and a young Robert Duvall (‘Boo’ Radley).

The opening credits are also very interesting and not a little creepy…