'Django Reinhardt – Last Cat Standing'

The story of a London musician fighting for his life to be … The Last Cat Standing


The story of Django Reinhardt, rising music star, his friend Jessie and Hungarian cousin Lalo-Max, as they try to escape Django’s stalker, the mad psycho slasher and The Midwich Cuckoos, aided by bodyguard John Barry and his companion, Jerry Jerry. Can they all survive? Or will Django Reinhart really be The Last Cat Standing?

DjangoLPCover300Opening scene – morning; undisclosed house in West London


Django Reinhardt, Mercury-winning cat, on the phone to his record company. ‘

‘Yes, I like the album cover … I’m looking at the proof now. …

‘The stalker? Oh yes. … Ye-es. Yes, of course I am taking it seriously. Anyway, you said he’s harmless…

‘No, I don’t need a bodyguard. I have too many people around me anyway.… What? You’ve hired one? Why? What aren’t you telling me?

‘BOMB!? What bomb?! In the bus? … You kept quiet about THAT!

‘OK. OK. I’ll put up with him. What’s his name? Yes, the minder. … John Barry… Expect him today?… And he’s what? … Well. That will be interesting.’

‘Tell him to come early. They’re saying there’s going to be a storm. The sky’s a really strange colour.’




Scene 1; after opening credits with Bernard Herrmann-Psycho-esque music gently playing in background; credits fade and we see…


Django staring out of the window into the garden below. The light’s weird – an almost yellowy green. He was waiting for the bodyguard to turn up, but now he’s distracted, staring down into the garden.

The parakeets have been amassing in the old oak tree all morning. There must be at least 30 of them now. They’re not making any noise. They’re staring at the house, where Django is.

He’s not interested in them though. He’s looking at the carcass of the bird who flew straight at him, just moments earlier. It hit the glass hard, bouncing off only to plummet to its death.

There’s a crack in the glass, near where he waits.

He doesn’t like it.

He doesn’t like it at all.

Things like this don’t happen. Unless it’s in the movies.