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Mark Twain, cat and shed lover – a man of great discernment


When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade,
without further introduction.”


WE’VE ALREADY WAXED LYRICAL about Hemingway’s love of cats and he is but one of many such writers and celebrities enamoured of these great creatures. Perhaps the most surprising discovery, at least for me, was Mark Twain. I knew about his sheds, of course, but not the cats.

When Twain’s daughter, Clara, became ill and had to reside in a sanatorium for a year, she adopted a stray kitten for company, whom she named ‘Bambino’. All was well until a fellow resident discovered the cat’s presence and vehemently objected to it. Ever enterprising, Clara presented Bambino to her father, knowing he would love him and look after him faithfully. The cat also proved to be a successful mouser.

Twain was so fond of the cat that when he escaped his home through an open window, he offered a $5 reward for the cat’s return and posted ads all over the neighbourhood and in newspapers. He described Bambino as:

‘Large and intensely black; thick, velvety fur; has a faint fringe of white hair across his chest; not easy to find in ordinary light.

Katy Leary, Twain’s faithful servant, recalls the response to the ad:

‘My goodness! The people that came bringing cats to that house! A perfect stream! They all wanted to see Mr Clemens [Twain] of course.’

When Bambino was discovered in a neighbour’s back garden, Twain placed another ad declaring Bambino found, but people still kept turning up in on his doorstep, bearing abandoned cats, just to get a glimpse of the great author.




Above: Mark Twain shooting pool – hopefully not with his kitten.


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Quoted text from My Father, Mark Twain by Clara Clemens (his daughter; 1931); A Lifetime with Mark Twain: The Memories of Katy Leary, for Thirty Years His Faithful and Devoted Servant (2003).

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