Emmie Blue and Luke Moreau find each other under the strangest of circumstances, when they’re both sixteen, in Lia Louis’ Dear Emmie Blue. Luke discovers a balloon in Boulogne-sur-Mer, which Emmie released in Ramsgate, containing a secret. Fast-forward fourteen years and the two are best friends. When Luke tells Emmie he has something to ask her, she believes Luke’s about to propose, but while Luke’s getting married, it’s not to Emmie. And, even worse, she finds she’s just agreed to stand up for him at his wedding.

With echoes of My Best Friend’s Wedding, Lia Louis’ Dear Emmie Blue is a heart-warming tale of love in all its guises, friendship and serendipity.

Told with a deftness of touch, Dear Emmie Blue is funny, poignant and entertaining, Louis’ characters likeable and engaging. We root for Emmie and for Luke, but while they both deserve love, does it necessarily have to be with each other? Are best friends meant to be soul mates?

Dear Emmie Blue is a feel good book which constantly made us smile. And, really, what better accolade is there than that?

Highly recommended.


Lia Louis | Dear Emmie Blue | Trapeze | paperback | £8.99 | August 2020

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